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The Artisan
Kelly Oswalt

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Does anyone else out there have grown children? You know, you never get to stop being a mom. My son called me with some disturbing news regarding his father and my daughter and yet he gets upset when I react to it. 1. If you don't want a reaction, then don't tell me someone has hurt one of my children. 2. Mom's react. Sometimes, we may even overreact. 3. I love my children so much that I would do anything and everything for them. I feel like I have to be mother and father to them because their dad turned into a ******** after our divorce. He has caused great emotional trauma to my daughter and still does so today and it's really hard for me to just sit back and watch it happen. We live 1,700 miles away with our daughter inbetween us. Even though she's 21, I still just want to rock her and hold her and tell her everything is okay. Of course, she won't let me. Very frustrating being a parent of grown children that are going through painful times and you can't do anything about it except just be available. Do you know what I mean?


Theresa said...

I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes you also just want to shake them and tell them to wake up, too. But all you can do is love them.

This is just in case you are interested. I started a new team on Etsy called Blogging Grannies. So far it isn't doing very well, but hey I will just give it some time.
Hope you have a better day!!

Kelly Oswalt said...

Thanks Teresa, I'll check it out. It's also nice to know that someone else understands.

Anonymous said...

I feel for you, Deeply, truly I do and yes I get it completely. All I can do is send up prayers in hopes I am heard and they are touched. Hugs. Tammy

Kelly Oswalt said...

Tammy, your prayers are so appreciated. I pray a lot. I have found it works wonders, sometimes things take longer to happen than what I think they should, but they eventually happen and all turns out okay. This too shall pass. It's just hard and thanks for the hugs. Oh, and I think I accidentally left you 3 comments basically saying the same thing because I didn't think they took, but I saw that they had to be reviewed first before they posted, sorry!