The Artisan

The Artisan
Kelly Oswalt

Friday, July 1, 2011

Wire Wrapping

My jewelry hasn't been selling on Ebay, so I decided to take a look at the kind of jewelry that was selling. "Nada", "Nothing", "Zero", boy was I dismayed, but that day in the mail the Deluxe Thing-a-Ma-JIG showed up. I've had fun playing with it and finally got a necklace turned out. I'm not sure if it's my style that people don't like or if I'm pricing things too high or the real problem, is probably not much is selling. I may have to try the craft fair route. But I don't think I have a high enough inventory for that. What would be the right amount. I have 18 necklaces and 5 sets of earrings and many, many bookmarks, some cards and a couple of wall art hangings. I'm not sure which way to go at this moment. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Eva said...

your jewlery is very well made! You can see that you love what your doing. Do you network your Etsy store through teams and treasurys? Maybe get into a BNR team. We are getting to the selling season so do not despair.

Kellyscrafts said...

I belong to a blogging team and have created numerous Treasury Lists, but I do not know what a BNR team is. What is it?