The Artisan

The Artisan
Kelly Oswalt

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yesterday, what a day!

If there were an erase button on the calendar, I would erase yesterday, except for the birthday party we went to, that was fun. In the morning, I managed to delete all of my photos from my computer. Luckily I had some off in Cyberspace that I had to reload and the rest I loaded from Facebook. Took 3 hours to clean up that mess. I just noticed, I still have empty folders, so I guess I'm not through.

Then, last night, I managed to sign on to facebook with a different email account then I normally use, so it created a new profile and before I knew what was happening, I had sent friend requests to everybody on my email contact list. Now, I deal with China a lot in my business, so I have a ton of Chinese email contacts, not to mention my bank, my insurance agent, numerous other businesses I deal with...I can hardly wait until they get my friend request from FB. What a pain. I had to deactivate that account, explain to everyone why they got another friend request and now...well we'll just wait to see what's next.

I've enterered my products in a number of giveaways and they seem to be popular. I'm going to be switching over to making advent calendars though. I spent 6 hours designing them on the cricut design studio only to save the file and have it be too large to save. I lost everything. Still haven't had the motivation to redo everything. It was a lot of work, all down the drain.

The Bellflower craft fair was kind of a bust, there were hardly any customers there. I sold 4 bookmarks. That's it. But what I did while I was waiting was a bit...well, you decide. I was making a necklace, and remember, I'm still learning, out of stone and made the wrong choice in stringing material. Instead of using wire, I used waxed cotton. Did I stop to think that the stone would cut through it? No...of course not. I got to the last piece, putting on the clasp and the string broke. Well, I thought I would be smart and instead of restringing it, I decided to try to glue it back together. So I got me some Bead Fix, very, very strong glue, like super, super, super glue. It wasn't coming out, so I gave it a big squeeze, yeah, it happened. I had glue everywhere, all over my hand, the necklace, the paper it was on, the tablecloth, the table and everything I picked up to move out of the way got glued to my hand. Get the picture? I looked pretty funny. Every time I tried to unglue something, it got glued somewhere else. Glued 3 of my fingers together also. We had no paper towels, soap or water. What a mess. Then I had to restring the necklace all over again, only this time, I used wire. Never make the same mistake twice. Live and learn.

What was your worst crafting nightmare?